Here are the steps for ordering custom products from us.

 1. Choose shirt style, color, and sizes.

Be sure to include quantities of each size and color when you place your order.  Below are links to the sites we use most often.

My Catalog

Our Products Online

Sportswear Collection

Company Casuals

4logo Wearables

You can also send in your own apparel for us to print or embroider. Ask your Customer Service Representative about shipping to us. 

2. Choose your ink colors.

 Below is a sample of the default ink colors we have here. We use PMS solid+coated ink colors to print with. PGS also does color matching and custom ink colors. We can print 9 colors on white items and 8 colors on darker items.


3.Choose print size and location.

    Different styles and sizes of items may require specific imprint sizes. Ask your Customer Service Representative if you have any questions.